[#8139] $conf['gallery']['numlimit']implementation is broken
Summary $conf['gallery']['numlimit']implementation is broken
Queue Ansel
Queue Version 1.0
Type Bug
State Stalled
Priority 1. Low
Owners mrubinsk (at) horde (dot) org
Requester bigmichi1 (at) bigmichi1 (dot) de
Created 2009-04-01 (4586 days ago)
Updated 2009-04-16 (4571 days ago)
Assigned 2009-04-16 (4571 days ago)
Resolved 2009-04-16 (4571 days ago)
Patch No

2009-04-16 21:17:01 Michael Rubinsky Comment #10
Summary ⇒ $conf['gallery']['numlimit']implementation is broken
State ⇒ Stalled
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This bug, as well as Bug: 8138 are due to a totally broken 
implementation of the numlimit setting.  It currently does not take 
into account that a gallery can be devoid of images, and when 
traveling down that gallery's tree, have N number of sub-galleries 
that are empty before one with images is encountered.

In addition, it does not know if we are requesting child counts for a 
gallery view or any other reason. It's also not currently possible to 
make that distinction without either totally rewriting a fair amount 
of Ansel's code (mostly, but not totally, due to the way things are 
cached), or giving the user an inconsistent experience (i.e. sometimes 
empty galleries show up, sometimes they don't).

Given that neither of those options is acceptable, I'm going to 
reluctantly remove this feature from Ansel at this time, and setting 
this ticket to stalled for now.
2009-04-16 19:04:10 Michael Rubinsky Summary ⇒ $conf['gallery']['numlimit'] is not ignored during the display of gallery view
2009-04-16 18:30:46 Michael Rubinsky Comment #9
State ⇒ Assigned
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Thanks. That was the information I needed...
2009-04-11 11:33:33 bigmichi1 (at) bigmichi1 (dot) de Comment #8 Reply to this comment
the problem seems to be only happen when a gellerie with a subgallerie 
with a subgallerie is created and only the last subgallerie has images 
in it, so there will be no link to the first subgallerie in the 
gallerie. in the first subgallerie there is then a link to the next 
subgallerie which has images in. also there is in the tree no picture 
for the gallerie on ly for the first subgallerie und the second one. 
the main gallerie has the picture withj a question mark
2009-04-06 14:47:31 Michael Rubinsky Comment #7 Reply to this comment
I can always use more information, but I honestly have no idea what's 
going on. I've tried numerous ways to reproduce this, and I cannot.
2009-04-02 13:50:31 bigmichi1 (at) bigmichi1 (dot) de Comment #6 Reply to this comment
more information needed?
2009-04-01 14:36:20 bigmichi1 (at) bigmichi1 (dot) de Comment #5 Reply to this comment
horde is on version 3.3.3

i'm using the convert program

php is PHP Version 5.2.6-1+lenny2

caching is turned on with the sql driver
2009-04-01 14:26:57 Michael Rubinsky Comment #4 Reply to this comment
Bizarre. What about the rest of my questions? Plus what version of 
Horde and PHP are you using?  Are you using any caching in horde?
2009-04-01 14:11:42 bigmichi1 (at) bigmichi1 (dot) de Comment #3
New Attachment: Fotos -- Familie_1238594828115.png Download
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i have attached a screenshot which shows the problem, as you can see 
there are two sub-galleries under "Familie" one without any pictures 
and one with one picture, both are not displayed in "Familie" only in 
the navigation box. all galleries are in normal mode. this is a new 
gallery, created with the final 1.0 release, rc gallery was on another 
server for tests
2009-04-01 13:33:43 Michael Rubinsky Comment #2
Assigned to Michael Rubinsky
State ⇒ Feedback
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This is working as expected for me. Can you provide more information?   
Are you saying there is *no* sign of the subgallery or just that the 
thumbnail is missing?  Is the gallery in "Date" mode or "Normal" mode? 
Does the subgallery have images in it currently?  What image library 
are you using, convert or GD? Was this an existing gallery and 
subgallery when you were using RC1 or was it added with 1.0?
2009-04-01 10:21:29 bigmichi1 (at) bigmichi1 (dot) de Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
Summary ⇒ galleries with subgalleries problem
Queue ⇒ Ansel
Milestone ⇒
Patch ⇒ No
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i have a gallerie with a sub gallerie

when i now open the gallery that contains the subgallerie no icon is 
displayed in the gallerie for this subgallerie, the only way to get to 
the subgallerie is through the navigation tree on the ricght side. 
when i remember right this was working in the last rc, tht if a 
gallerie has a subgallerie and clicking on the gallerie there was a 
icon for that on in the parent gallerie.

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