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Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
11387 horde_alarms tries always to login as first admin user but with an empty password Feedback Bug 2. Medium Horde Base peter (dot) meier+horde (at) immerda (dot) ch   08/30/12 07/16/16 08/31/12    
12678 Incorrect sender address for e-mail notifications Feedback Bug 1. Low Kronolith arjen+horde (at) de-korte (dot) org   09/12/13 05/31/16 01/19/16    
13822 Shared calendar makes CalDAV fail with 500 Feedback Bug 1. Low Synchronization skhorde (at) smail (dot) inf (dot) fh-bonn-rhein-sieg (dot) de   01/22/15 02/04/16 01/22/16    
14414 Horde_Mail factory ignores imp backend configuration Feedback Bug 1. Low IMP manuel (at) mausz (dot) at   06/30/16 11/19/16 11/19/16    
14594 It's possible to create folder names with dot over Active Sync Feedback Bug 1. Low Synchronization rene (dot) marth (at) hetzner (dot) de Michael Rubinsky 03/10/17 03/16/17 03/11/17    

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