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Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
14330 IMP sends IMAP commands without the namespace Unconfirmed Bug 3. High Horde Groupware Webmail Edition quinn (at) strangecode (dot) com   04/15/16 04/23/16      
14339 Add suport to Lightning X-MOZ-SEND-INVITATIONS header New Enhancement 1. Low Kronolith albert (dot) solana (at) upcnet (dot) es   04/26/16 04/26/16      
14367 Export of Folders to MBOX New Enhancement 1. Low IMP dave (at) netwise (dot) es   05/21/16 05/23/16      
14402 imp not showing cid type linked images after update Unconfirmed Bug 3. High IMP l (dot) kiraly (at) madalbal (dot) hu   06/16/16 06/16/16      
14529 Add file based Group driver New Enhancement 1. Low Horde Framework Packages Thomas Jarosch   12/02/16 12/02/16      
14531 Horde-Activesync uses deprecated function in tests New Enhancement 1. Low Horde Framework Packages cheese (at) nosuchhost (dot) net   12/03/16 12/03/16      
14563 Remove/Replace current broken facial recognition. New Enhancement 1. Low Ansel Michael Rubinsky   01/18/17 01/18/17      
14565 Oracle Database issue kronolith_event Unconfirmed Bug 2. Medium Kronolith ico (at) cc (dot) upv (dot) es   01/24/17 01/24/17      
14576 Reminders set to 0 minutes are silently discarded Unconfirmed Bug 2. Medium Kronolith carlos (dot) velasco (at) nimastelecom (dot) com   02/11/17 02/11/17      
14579 Gollem not compatible with FTP passwords that contain an @ Unconfirmed Bug 1. Low Gollem aaronp (at) critd (dot) com   02/14/17 02/14/17      
14587 PHP7 compliant Horde_Form Unconfirmed Bug 1. Low Horde Framework Packages torben (at) dannhauer (dot) info Horde DevelopersHorde Developers 03/01/17 03/01/17      
14617 Wikipedia on Kronolith New Enhancement 2. Medium Kronolith dpa-bugs (at) aegee (dot) org   04/17/17 04/17/17      

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