[#6186] OAuth2 server support
Summary OAuth2 server support
Queue Horde Framework Packages
Queue Version Git master
Type Enhancement
State Accepted
Priority 1. Low
Requester chuck (at) horde (dot) org
Created 2008-02-01 (4979 days ago)
Updated 2013-11-13 (2867 days ago)
Milestone Horde 6
Patch No

2013-11-13 04:45:40 Michael Slusarz Comment #5
Summary ⇒ OAuth2 server support
Version ⇒ Git master
Milestone ⇒ Horde 6
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OAuth2 now.
2008-11-09 03:35:13 Chuck Hagenbuch State ⇒ Accepted
2008-08-03 01:46:20 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #3
Summary ⇒ OAuth server support
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Clarifying this ticket now that I understand the domain better. We 
should at some point implement OAuth provider/server support, such 
that people can authorize third parties to access their Horde data 
without giving up their username and password. This is definitely 
still a Horde 4 item though.

And yes, OpenAuth is being superceded by OAuth.
2008-03-06 21:07:07 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #2
Summary ⇒ Horde_Auth_OpenAuth and/or OAuth
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http://oauth.net/ looks like it supercedes AOL's tech to some extent, 
with the same purpose.
2008-02-25 17:15:10 Chuck Hagenbuch State ⇒ Stalled
Milestone ⇒ Horde 4.0
2008-02-25 01:05:36 Jan Schneider State ⇒ Accepted
2008-02-01 05:16:17 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #1
Type ⇒ Enhancement
State ⇒ New
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
Summary ⇒ Horde_Auth_OpenAuth
Queue ⇒ Horde Framework Packages
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Support AOL auth:


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