[#1993] using DOM based drag and drop to reorder ingo rules
Summary using DOM based drag and drop to reorder ingo rules
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Type Enhancement
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Owners slusarz (at) horde (dot) org
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Created 2005-05-18 (5086 days ago)
Updated 2014-02-12 (1894 days ago)
Resolved 2014-02-12 (1894 days ago)
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2014-02-12 00:36:12 Michael Slusarz Comment #7
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2005-09-08 19:51:08 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #6
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Here's a potentially even simpler way to do this:


I've attached the example zip just in case the site goes away at some point.
2005-05-20 12:33:30 liamr (at) umich (dot) edu Comment #5 Reply to this comment
There's a generic javascript library to do this kinda stuff at the url 
I'd mentioned as an example..

2005-05-19 17:22:17 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #3
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Indeed, that would be *very* slick. And the things Kevin mentions too, 
and more. I'd love to work on this stuff but I just don't have the 
time (unless someone hires Zend to do it <g>). Help getting started 
here would be great.
2005-05-19 01:45:50 kevin_myer (at) iu13 (dot) org Comment #2 Reply to this comment
Would indeed be keen.  I'd love to see it in the Portal layout code 
too, instead of having to use arrows to move blocks around.  And we 
had a feature request today from a user, who wanted to drag and drop 
events that were rescheduled on her calendar, from one time slot to 
the next.  And with IMP folders.  And adding email addresses to a 
contact list, without having to search for them one by one..

I'm totally ignorant of how to implement DND in a web environment, how 
the use of Javascript and CSS scales.  But the idea is nice :)
2005-05-18 15:41:49 liamr (at) umich (dot) edu Comment #1
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Priority ⇒ 1. Low
Summary ⇒ using DOM based drag and drop to reorder ingo rules
Queue ⇒ Ingo
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It'd be cool if you could pick ingo rules up and drag them into new 
positions on the list, rather than using the up and down arrows.

Examples of what I mean can be found at:


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