[#15070] Timezone information of event is lost after sync. This causes problems with Android client.
Summary Timezone information of event is lost after sync. This causes problems with Android client.
Queue Kronolith
Queue Version 4.2.29
Type Bug
State Unconfirmed
Priority 2. Medium
Requester andreas443 (at) t-online (dot) de
Created 2021-05-17 (134 days ago)
Updated 2021-05-28 (123 days ago)
Patch No

2021-05-28 17:50:37 andreas443 (at) t-online (dot) de Comment #3 Reply to this comment
Thanks wahnes!

You were right, after changing the cache it works better. Timezone 
infos in events from other devices are not removed anymore.

Unfortunately the "Default" timezone when creating an event in 
kronolith still leads to no timezone infos which leads to the problems 
in Android.

When I set the timezone in the event manual it works. The problem is, 
the list is too long to set it on every appointment. Does anyone knows 
how to change the default here? It would help if a home-timezone would 
be listed at the top.

2021-05-23 20:38:26 wahnes (at) uni-koeln (dot) de Comment #2 Reply to this comment
I've seen some trouble with timezone information in Kronolith/Horde as 
well, especially when trying to use an URL based on the "file" 
protocol for Horde's $conf['timezone']['location'] setting. I suppose 
the trouble you are having is accompanied with some messages stating 
"Unable to locate the tz database" in Horde's log files? At least 
that's what I have been seeing.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to really pinpoint the issue. I'm 
tempted to say that using anything but the default
$conf['timezone']['location'] = 'ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz';
is causing trouble here, but that assessment may not be entirely correct.

Regarding your remark about granting internet access for said user and 
using the default timezone file download setting, I'd like to point 
out that Horde's caching mechanism seems to play a role here. When I 
tried to troubleshoot this, I got the feeling that my changes to 
settings for timezone location were simply ignored. As far as I can 
tell, it seems that setting a prefix for caching will help for changes 
to the timezone location setting to actually take effect. So maybe try 
something along the lines of
$conf['cache']['params']['prefix'] = 'test';
and retry the default timezone location setting. You can of course 
undo the prefix setting after a day or so; it's just meant to defeat 
Horde's caching of (unsuccessful) timezone file retrieval after 
changing the timezone location setting.
2021-05-17 18:27:46 andreas443 (at) t-online (dot) de Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 2. Medium
Summary ⇒ Timezone information of event is lost after sync. This causes problems with Android client.
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I'm experiencing the problem that events have no timezone information 
when exported or synchronized over CalDAV. This leads to the problem 
that the calendar under Android shows wrong time if
  the event should be moved.

Exports of over CalDAV missing the TZ* attributes. Other CalDAV 
implementations provide something like this for each event:


Setting a timezone to a new event in calendar web app has no influence 
to the behaviour.

Creating a new event on Android working properly. The event has the 
correct timezone until the first sync is done. After the sync the 
timezone information is lost also.

After two days of experimenting I'm running out of ideas.

On Andorid DAVx5 Version 3.3.10-ose is in use. Server side is Debian 
Bullseye's version of horde is installed. The PHP version 7.4.15 is 
used. A more detailed list with selected configs is attached.

Special setup: User which is executing apache, php and horde has no 
internet access.

Timezone was set by user in 
https://.../services/prefs.php?app=horde&group=language to Europe/Berlin

Timezone was set in /etc/php/7.4/apache2/php.ini:date.timezone = Europe/Berlin

It was verified with phpinfo() in the horde php shell, that PHP 
version 7.4.15 is used and that the timezone is set to Europe/Berlin.

In horde/kronolith/config/conf.php $conf[calendar][params][utc] was 
tested with true and false, which leads to a movement of events 
(expected) but no timezone infos in exports/sync.

In horde/conf.php: $conf['timezone']['location'] = 

It was tried to download the tzcode-latest.tar.gz to a local file 
because the user executing php has no internet access. Restart of 
apache. No effect.

With horde/conf.php:$conf['timezone']['location'] = 

Internet access was allowed temporarily for ftp.iana.org with the 
initial config. Restart of apache. No effect.

Horde Tasks NAG app is installed and activated and can be opened 
without errors in web front end.

The solution mentioned in 
http://horde.690.n7.nabble.com/timezone-problem-in-Calendar-Views-td124088.html is unclear to me. I did not found any 

Database creation was done with webmail-install provided by 
php-horde-webmail debian package.

Thanks for the nice groupware and for consideration!

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