[#15031] PHP 7.4 missing Forwarded Message from a Forward
Summary PHP 7.4 missing Forwarded Message from a Forward
Queue IMP
Queue Version 6.2.26
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 2. Medium
Owners mrubinsk (at) horde (dot) org
Requester mach (at) swishmail (dot) com
Created 2020-08-13 (112 days ago)
Updated 2020-08-27 (98 days ago)
Resolved 2020-08-25 (100 days ago)
Patch No

2020-08-27 19:35:27 Git Commit Comment #3 Reply to this comment
Changes have been made in Git (FRAMEWORK_5_2):

commit d8e26da14de961f23465355b472b681763b0538a
Author: Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk@horde.org>
Date:   Thu, 27 Aug 2020 15:29:42 -0400

[mjr] Fix attachments disappearing when forwarding in PHP 7.4 (Bug #15031).

  M docs/changelog.yml

2020-08-25 21:41:30 Michael Rubinsky Comment #2
Assigned to Michael Rubinsky
State ⇒ Resolved
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There is something wonky going on with file_put_contents() here in PHP 
7.4. Test cases don't seem to trigger it, but for some reason 
file_put_contents() is returning false despite the stream contents 
being successfully written to the tmp file.

Refactoring to use fopen()/fwrite() seems to work, at least until we 
figure out what's going on here.


2020-08-13 18:42:32 mach (at) swishmail (dot) com Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
Priority ⇒ 2. Medium
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Summary ⇒ PHP 7.4 missing Forwarded Message from a Forward
Queue ⇒ IMP
Milestone ⇒
Patch ⇒ No
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Using the latest imp and PHP 7.4 when you try to forward an email the 
"Forwarded Message" is not included. It is included in PHP 7.3.

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