[#14592] Microsoft EWS
Summary Microsoft EWS
Queue Horde Groupware
Queue Version 5.2.17
Type Enhancement
State Feedback
Priority 1. Low
Requester ryu (at) ryux (dot) org
Created 2017-03-08 (1685 days ago)
Updated 2019-02-13 (978 days ago)
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2019-02-13 07:51:44 s (dot) arcus (at) open-t (dot) co (dot) uk Comment #7 Reply to this comment

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Thank you - I wasn't aware of that. Still, there are plenty of 
occasions when read-only access to shared calendars is needed - and in 
those cases they won't show up through EAS. I wonder if it would be 
possible to aim for Horde implementing access to read-only shared 
calendars through EAS, somehow? I suppose it could pass changes to the 
client, and just ignore or override any changes the client tries to 
pass back to Horde, maybe?

2019-02-13 00:44:12 Michael Rubinsky Comment #6 Reply to this comment

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That's not 100% true. Yes, EAS doesn't support permissions, but Horde 
will synchronize any shared that the user has write access to. Yes 
still a limitation, but it is extremely unlikely we will implement EWS.
2019-02-12 20:42:42 s (dot) arcus (at) open-t (dot) co (dot) uk Comment #5 Reply to this comment
What would that get us that the current Horde API doesn't provide already?
Today I discovered that it is impossible to access shared calendars or 
address books using EAS. Apparently EAS doesn't do permissions - so it 
doesn't expose shared calendars or address books. I use the 
alternately the Horde native interface and Thunderbird to access Horde 
as a back-end (using TBSync). For the reason above I can only access 
the user's own calendar(s) or address book(s) - and not others which 
they have been given access to. This would be a limitation for all 
other ActiveSyns/EAS clients - such as mobile phone clients or other 
calendaring software connecting to Horde.

So that seems to me like a significant limitation. As far as I 
understand, EWS implements permissions, so software using it can 
expose shared calendars and address books.
2017-03-10 19:53:27 ryu (at) ryux (dot) org Comment #4 Reply to this comment
That's exactly what Michael says.
Horde supports EAS and it's great! Ios also handles this protocol 
perfectly so everything is perfect.
But ... Apple Mail app does not support EAS but EWS. But not Horde.
So yes there are other solutions but it is not as simple and 
integrated. For example, I have in my Horde configuration several 
address books that I expose through Carddav. Except that the Contacts 
application only handles a single Carddav address book ... So I have 
created as many address book accounts to mitigate this limitation but 
this is not a good solution ... Other Big problem is the IMAP. In my 
company, I am behind a Firewall and it is impossible for me to 
connect. Thanks to EWS, everything would be integrated and would form 
a coherent whole.

I suspect that the work effort has to be huge, hence my suggestion of 
crowdfunding ...

I have been using Horde for over 10 years and I do not expect to 
change it. You really do a good job, you have to say it and say it 
But of course it's easier to ask you to do miracles than Apple ... 
You're more flexible than them.

I hope that one day it will be possible for "easy to use" solutions 
like EWS to be used.

Thanks for your listening, it's already a beginning :)

2017-03-10 17:48:06 Michael Rubinsky Comment #3 Reply to this comment
While this would allow some clients that don't support EAS, like Apple 
Mail, to connect to Horde as if it were an Exchange server, I really 
don't feel like it's worth the effort.

This would be a huge undertaking. Especially when there are other ways 
to connect from these same clients.
2017-03-10 16:50:59 Jan Schneider Comment #2
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What would that get us that the current Horde API doesn't provide already?
2017-03-08 10:08:33 ryu (at) ryux (dot) org Comment #1
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Hi all,

can we dream, one day, to have the feature EWS.

It would be very nice.

Maybe with a crowdfunding...

ActiveSync support is really useful and I think the EWS would also be useful



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