[#2440] attribute keys are not lowercase
Summary attribute keys are not lowercase
Queue Turba
Queue Version HEAD
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 2. Medium
Owners Horde Developers (at)
Requester m.zdila (at) episoftware (dot) com
Created 2005-08-15 (4964 days ago)
Updated 2006-04-12 (4724 days ago)
Assigned 2006-04-02 (4734 days ago)
Resolved 2006-04-12 (4724 days ago)
Patch No

2006-04-12 22:25:01 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #4
State ⇒ Resolved
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With no feedback, I'm assuming this works as intended and have gone 
ahead and merged it.
2006-04-02 05:25:50 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #3
State ⇒ Feedback
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Please test this change:


If it works, I'll merge it to the next Turba version. Thanks!
2006-03-19 11:02:21 Jan Schneider Comment #2 Reply to this comment
See bug 3655.
2005-08-15 22:43:37 Jan Schneider Assigned to Horde DevelopersHorde Developers
State ⇒ Assigned
2005-08-15 10:21:21 m (dot) zdila (at) episoftware (dot) com Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 2. Medium
Summary ⇒ attribute keys are not lowercase
Queue ⇒ Turba
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see http://cvs.horde.org/co.php/turba/lib/Driver/ldap.php?r=1.75#314

/* The attributes in the attributes array are all lower case ...

... mine are not. therefore code on lines 314 - 336 doesn't work if 
some attribute is mixed case.


$attributes = array_change_key_case($attributes, CASE_LOWER);

to line 318 could help, but I am not sure if mixed case keys are not 
expected later in the code. Please look at this. Thanks.


Martin Zdila

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