[#1273] IE displays line-numbered code all on one line.
Summary IE displays line-numbered code all on one line.
Queue Horde.org Servers
Queue Version RELENG_1
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 1. Low
Requester allen.zhao (at) camilion (dot) com
Created 2005-01-28 (5165 days ago)
Updated 2005-01-31 (5162 days ago)
Assigned 2005-01-28 (5165 days ago)
Resolved 2005-01-31 (5162 days ago)
Patch No

2005-01-31 04:02:57 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #5
State ⇒ Resolved
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It's a valid HTML page now. Any other problems are IE bugs.
2005-01-28 21:11:21 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #4
Summary ⇒ IE displays line-numbered code all on one line.
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This is simply a bug in IE's CSS handling. And for pete's sake, please 
try to use *useful* ticket subjects.
2005-01-28 20:02:24 allen (dot) zhao (at) camilion (dot) com Comment #3 Reply to this comment
Windows 2000

IT 6.0.2800.1106


It works on my firebox.

I just check the source of html,

It is not a valid html page. No <html><head><body> ... etc.

It looks like:





Please check it.
2005-01-28 19:43:30 Jan Schneider Comment #2
Queue ⇒ Horde.org Servers
State ⇒ Feedback
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Works fine for me. What browser are you using?
2005-01-28 19:38:36 allen (dot) zhao (at) camilion (dot) com Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
Summary ⇒ what's the problem with cvs.horde.org?
Queue ⇒ Chora
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I don't where to report this problem. I just use this whups here:

The cvs system for horde.org itself, when I view the revision for example:


I get all the code in one line.

What's wrong with that?

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