[#35] To Save or Not To Save Attachments in Sent Folder
Summary To Save or Not To Save Attachments in Sent Folder
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Owners slusarz (at) horde (dot) org
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Created 2004-03-27 (5472 days ago)
Updated 2004-09-04 (5311 days ago)
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2004-03-27 01:20:03 derekm (at) hackunix (dot) org Comment #1
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One of my users had a feature request which seemed reasonable and 
quite useful.

I plan on digging around and seeing if I can implement it, but I thought I'd

pass it on to the list, as it may prove to be over my head or take me 
too long,

and others may like the idea and run with it first, etc.

When attaching objects to messages, it would be nice for quota-concerned users

(and convenient for sysadmins that have to keep an eye on the size of

/var/spool/imap) to have the option of not saving attachments in the 
copy saved

to the sent folder.

I guess this functionality could actually be pretty thoroughly implemented:

lockable system-wide and user-specifiable preference settings, per-email

checkboxes (save all attachments, save no attachments), and per-attachment

checkboxes (save this attachment, don't save this one, etc.).

My user was surprised that Yahoo!, Hotmail, and every other mail client hadn't

thought of implementing such functionality yet.  My user used primary Yahoo!

email before working here, and he said he used to send out two emails 
for every

message that was to have attachments in order to emulate the feature -- one

without the attachments which he would archive in the Sent folder, then he'd

"forward" the archived copy in the Sent folder and add the 
attachments, and not

save this second email to the Sent folder.

It's amazing what lengths users will go through to emulate their favorite

missing feature.

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