[#3057] no domain set in From: when composing mail
Summary no domain set in From: when composing mail
Queue MIMP
Queue Version 1.0-ALPHA
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 2. Medium
Owners slusarz (at) horde (dot) org
Requester alain (at) ait (dot) ac (dot) th
Created 2005-11-28 (4863 days ago)
Updated 2005-12-13 (4848 days ago)
Assigned 2005-12-10 (4851 days ago)
Resolved 2005-12-13 (4848 days ago)
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2005-12-13 15:47:37 Michael Slusarz Comment #9
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This code was needed as the default parameters were potentially not 
being set correctly from the information in the backends.php file.
2005-12-13 04:03:23 alain (at) ait (dot) ac (dot) th Comment #8 Reply to this comment
I just pulled the CVS version and yes, it does seem to fix the problem.

Care to elaborate about the right way to fix this? Where were these 
changes committed? in redirect.php?
2005-12-10 07:19:19 Michael Slusarz State ⇒ Feedback
2005-12-10 07:19:10 Michael Slusarz Comment #7 Reply to this comment

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No, this isn't right.  Instead, try what I just committed to CVS.
2005-12-09 10:46:43 alain (at) ait (dot) ac (dot) th Comment #6
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Sorry, minutes after the last post I might have found a fix (context 
diff attached).

In ./lib/Session.php:

- add 'maildomain' to the loop:

foreach (array('port', 'protocol', 'smtphost', 'smtpport') as $param) {

- remove the line a bit further down:

$_SESSION['mimp']['maildomain'] = $args['maildomain'];

That did it for me.
2005-12-09 10:33:41 alain (at) ait (dot) ac (dot) th Comment #5 Reply to this comment
Well, my problem seems to revolve around $_SESSION['mimp']['maildomain']

not being set. If I force it to a hardcoded value (the same value I 
have set in servers.php) in redirect.php like:

     $sessArray = array('server'     => Util::getFormData('server'),

                        'realm'      => Util::getFormData('realm'),

                        'port'       => Util::getFormData('port'),

                        'protocol'   => Util::getFormData('protocol'),

                        'maildomain' => Util::getFormData('maildomain'));

change last line to:

                        'maildomain' => 'ait.ac.th');

the problem goes away. Somehow this value isn't set to the value found 
in the corresponding (and only) entry of ./config/servers.php:

$servers['topmail'] = array(


'maildomain' => 'ait.ac.th',


My conf.php has:

$conf['server']['server_list'] = 'none';

$conf['server']['change_server'] = false;

$conf['server']['change_port'] = false;

$conf['server']['change_protocol'] = false;

$conf['server']['change_folders'] = false;

and I guess that's relevant to this problem.

I still can't figure out yet where it should be set and isn't: in 
./redirect.php? in ./lib/Session.php (MIMP_Session::createSession)? in 
./templates/login/login.inc (just a form entry)?

I'll give this another try next week. Any input is welcome.
2005-12-09 09:12:15 alain (at) ait (dot) ac (dot) th Comment #4 Reply to this comment

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Are you talking about the problem I initially reported (when composing 
new mail) or what

Chuck has seen (when replying to a mail sent to a non-default identity)?

I've tried to apply your suggested change but that didn't fix my problem.

This statement appears at line #123 in my version (1.0-alpha) and not 
#129, by the way.

* $Horde: mimp/compose.php,v 1.66 2005/10/09 17:57:10 slusarz Exp $

I really need to find some time to dig into this myself.

2005-12-08 19:01:18 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #3
Taken from Horde DevelopersHorde Developers
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I'm not seeing the reported behavior, but when I reply to a message 
that was sent to a non-default Identity, the compose window defaults 
to the default identity, not the one it should (and does in IMP). 
Looks like this is related.

Michael, I'm not quite following things right now (not really time), 
but it looks like MIMP's compose.php expects to be passed an 
'identity' form parameter, but MIMP doesn't set that in its compose 
links, whereas IMP does...
2005-12-08 14:10:52 d (dot) pollard (at) ucl (dot) ac (dot) uk Comment #2 Reply to this comment

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We have experienced the same behaviour.

In compose.php, in the function _formatAddr($addr), in  switch   
($actionID) the call at line 127    $_GET['identity'] = $default; does 
not  pick up the maildomain.

Changing this to the function call used by compose.php in imp works:   
$_GET['identity'] = $identity->getMatchingIdentity($fromaddr);

2005-11-28 10:46:10 Jan Schneider Assigned to Michael Slusarz
Assigned to Horde DevelopersHorde Developers
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2005-11-28 10:20:39 alain (at) ait (dot) ac (dot) th Comment #1
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Priority ⇒ 2. Medium
Summary ⇒ no domain set in From: when composing mail
Queue ⇒ MIMP
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Horde-3.0.5, Mimp-h3-1.0-alpha

When users select 'Compose', the From: field comes up

as "user@" (no domain).

This doesn't happen if that user has set up an explicit From: address

in his default identity (in that case the From: comes up OK).

In MIMP's server.php, 'maildomain' is set correctly (see attached server.php)

The same setting works in IMP.

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