[#2963] Making auto namespace detection switchable
Summary Making auto namespace detection switchable
Queue IMP
Queue Version HEAD
Type Enhancement
State Rejected
Priority 1. Low
Requester tasin (at) fhm (dot) edu
Created 2005-11-13 (4873 days ago)
Updated 2005-11-16 (4870 days ago)
Resolved 2005-11-13 (4873 days ago)
Patch No

2005-11-16 18:48:42 Michael Slusarz Comment #5 Reply to this comment
Matt -

If you could throw your patch (or a link to it) up on the wiki page I 
previously noted, that would be great.

And while I respect the argument, the point remains that adding an 
option to skip namespace detection on the server when it is available 
it *precisely* the issue we were fixing when we implemented the new 
code.  So adding code to take us back to that situation is unacceptable.

there may in the future be a way to 'hide' namespaces obtained from 
the server - since this seems to be contemplated by the RFC.  But the 
jury is still out on this one.  And it doesn't eliminate the fact that 
if there are namespaces available on an IMAP server the correct 
behavior is to reconfigure the server - not implement hackish 
workarounds (if at all possible) in the MUA.
2005-11-15 03:03:28 Matt Selsky Comment #4
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We use UWash imapd as well and we used to tell users to configure the 
mail directory as "mail/".  Now we set mailsubdir in imapd and also 
added code to work around the clients that still have "mail/".  We 
also have a patch to change the namespaces that imapd advertises.  We 
removed #public, #ftp, etc.  Let me know if this would be useful for 
the wiki.
2005-11-14 00:49:50 tasin (at) fhm (dot) edu Comment #3 Reply to this comment
Yes, you are right.

It should be done in the way you are talking of. But it isn't that 
easy, because all clients are still having setting for a folder entry.

I know also about the possibility to use the imapd-parameter "set 
mail-subdirectory imap", but this means actually that all users have 
to change the settings in all their other clients and delete the 
"folder subdirectory entry" inside (e.g. Thunderbird, Netscape, etc.).

Looking at the code I understand the changement doing an 
autodetection, but I think the horde/imp-user (in this case it's 
better to say the administrator) even should be able to use imp for a 
mail structure mentioned above.

Horde/IMP is still a frontend for us (and should be even adaptable for 
a standard distribution imapd-installation ... even if it wasn't a 
good choice) and the usage of IMP as Webmailer isn't in the state to 
change an existing mail structure to make it work *again*.

So I have to stop following the development code until our mail 
structure has changed.
2005-11-13 20:04:45 Michael Slusarz Comment #2
State ⇒ Rejected
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this might be something appropriate for a wiki entry, but this won't 
be added to IMP.  You are working around *your* IMAP server, when the 
more correct solution is to fix/change the IMAP server.  IMP renders 
folders the way the IMAP server tells it to.

See, e.g., http://wiki.horde.org/ImpUWIMAPNamespaces?referrer=HowTo
2005-11-13 18:10:10 tasin (at) fhm (dot) edu Comment #1
Type ⇒ Enhancement
State ⇒ New
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
Summary ⇒ Making auto namespace detection switchable
Queue ⇒ IMP
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Making automatic namespace detection switchable, so it's possible 
again to use IMP with our "historical" grown mail-structure.

Having the imap mail folders inside a subdirectory of the 
home-directory (instead of the 'folders' parameter.

Using UW-imap.

With the following servers.php it is usable again:

$servers['imap'] = array(

     'name' => 'Mailserver',

     'server' => 'mail.example.edu',

     'hordeauth' => true,

     'protocol' => 'imap/ssl/novalidate-cert',

     'port' => 993,

     'noautodetect' => true,

     'namespace' => array('imap/'),

     'maildomain' => 'example.edu',

     'smtphost' => 'mail.example.edu',

     'smtpport' => 25,

     'realm' => '',

     'preferred' => '',

     'dotfiles' => false


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