[#1194] No messages in the folders
Summary No messages in the folders
Queue IMP
Queue Version 4.0.1
Type Bug
State Not A Bug
Priority 2. Medium
Requester mickri (at) esc (dot) de
Created 2005-01-19 (5176 days ago)
Updated 2005-01-29 (5166 days ago)
Assigned 2005-01-20 (5175 days ago)
Resolved 2005-01-24 (5171 days ago)
Patch No

2005-01-29 11:51:57 Jan Schneider Comment #12 Reply to this comment
2005-01-29 11:40:24 Alexander+ImpBug (at) leidinger (dot) net Comment #11 Reply to this comment

it's a configuration issue with courier-imap. "IMAP_DISABLETHREADSORT" 
has to be set to "0", not to "1".

I've upgraded to cclient 2004c1 and it didn't resolved the issue. 
Another guy with the same problem told me to try changing this setting 
an now IMP displays the folder content.

I strongly suggest to add a note to the documentation of IMP regarding 
this issue.


2005-01-24 15:33:39 Alexander+ImpBug (at) leidinger (dot) net Comment #10 Reply to this comment
It will not be an IMP bug, when you document it...

And you can detect the problem at run time. I see the name of the 
folder and the number of unread messages, e.g. "Inbox (98)". In the 
folder view I'm also able to see the total number of mails, e.g. 
"Inbox (98/647)".

So if the imap_sort function doesn't has any results, and the results 
aren't filtered (e.g. limited by search keywords), but the number of 
of mails in this folder is greater than zero, IMP should print a 
message which tells the user that he should contact the administrator 
since there may be a bug with the installed version of "cclient".

Anything else will confuse alot of people. Since you can't be sure 
that all people will have an actual cclient version you will see 
support requests from time to time. And I've seen several of people 
having this problem after googling a little bit.

To prevent unneccesary support mails and bug requests, the fact needs 
to be documented. The most userfriendly way of doing it is to print a 
note as outlined above when an user hits the problem at run-time.


2005-01-24 13:49:49 Jan Schneider Comment #9 Reply to this comment
This is a bug in the c-client library and we can't test for c-client 
versions in PHP, thus this is not a bug in IMP.
2005-01-24 13:41:59 Alexander+ImpBug (at) leidinger (dot) net Comment #8 Reply to this comment
I don't think this bug is "bogus". It seems the versions 2004a and 
2004c of cclient have problems in some situations. I tried the 
workaround (adding "|SE_NOPREFETCH" to SE_UID) and it didn't worked 
with the 2004a version I have. So imp should check which version of 
cclient is used (or at least add a note to the documentation).

I will try the 2004c1 version at the weekend. I've only access to the 
system via the horde command line ATM and can't do it remote because 
of an restrictive firewall at work.


2005-01-24 08:49:08 Chuck Hagenbuch State ⇒ Not A Bug
2005-01-24 08:14:10 mickri (at) esc (dot) de Comment #7 Reply to this comment

so now it works! The problem is the imap_sort() function of php4.  So 
I did a completely rebuild of my Webserver-Environment: Apache 1.3.33, 
PHP 4.3.10 with OpenSSL 0.9.7e, *and: the IMAP-C-Client Lib 2004c1*.   
I don't know why, but before this the methods of IMP's mailbox and 
folders-classes gave back an empty array, but only in conjunction with 
single-standing flag "SE_UID" called with the imap_sort()-function.

So I experimented a little bit: I placed an " & SE_NOPREFETCH" within 
or additionally to the functions parameters - and - I got an result 
for the first time! This list was wrong a little bit, because of the 
sort-result, maybe.

With the utmost probability the whole problem had really something to 
do with the underlying imap-c-client library. At least under Linux .....

Regards, Michael.

2005-01-23 16:40:12 Alexander+ImpBug (at) leidinger (dot) net Comment #6 Reply to this comment
I have the same problem.

- apache 1.3.33

- php 4.3.10

- horde 3.0.2

- imp 4.0.1

- courier imap 4.0.1

- cclient-2004a

- FreeBSD (close to 4.11)

- mysql 4.0.23a


Alexander Leidinger.
2005-01-21 11:43:52 mickri (at) esc (dot) de Comment #5 Reply to this comment
We use no PHP Accelaretor or something like that. Maybe this infos are 
useful for you to solve the problem:

We run PHP 4.3.9 with Apache 2.0.52 under LINUX. The imap-c client 
version 2002c. But this seems to be alright, 'cause all the example 
scripts, which make use of the php's imap_*() - functions are working 
fine! I can fetch any mailbox structure, I can see the mailbox-headers 
and all the bodies of every message !

Don't know what this is all about, but maybe we have to take a close 
look at the array-functions in your scripts/libs ?!

If I call $imp_mailbox -> buildMailboxArray (....) from the file 
horde/imp/mailbox.php I get an empty array !!

Thank you for keeping with this problem.
2005-01-20 22:43:13 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #4
State ⇒ Feedback
Reply to this comment
That has nothing to do with IMP_Tree, then. Are you using a php code 
cache/accelerator? If so, try turning it off. Otherwise try rebuilding 
PHP with a newer c-client.
2005-01-20 09:29:49 mickri (at) esc (dot) de Comment #3 Reply to this comment
No, that's not the problem. After any mailbox - name (e.g. in the 
folders view) we see the correct  number of messages in that mailbox. 
But below  all mailboxes there is this message displayed:

"There are no messages in this mailbox."

2005-01-20 04:50:06 Chuck Hagenbuch Comment #2
State ⇒ Not A Bug
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select the folders you want and choose "poll for new mail" from the 
actions menu.
2005-01-19 16:21:16 mickri (at) esc (dot) de Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 2. Medium
Summary ⇒ No messages in the folders
Queue ⇒ IMP
Reply to this comment
After login we can see the whole IMAP Folder tree. So far so good. But 
  every folder is displayed as empty - as where would be no message in 
it. Further, except the "INBOX" no other folder shows up the number of 
new/recent or read mails.

Is there still a problem with the IMP_Tree class ?

Thanks for confirming and any upcoming idea - Michael Krieg,

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