[#1136] Javascript error on IE 5.5 SP2
Summary Javascript error on IE 5.5 SP2
Queue IMP
Queue Version 4.0
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 2. Medium
Requester richard.heggs (at) nottinghamcity (dot) gov (dot) uk
Created 2005-01-12 (5184 days ago)
Updated 2005-01-18 (5178 days ago)
Assigned 2005-01-12 (5184 days ago)
Resolved 2005-01-18 (5178 days ago)
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2005-01-18 18:29:25 Chuck Hagenbuch State ⇒ Resolved
2005-01-17 10:48:43 richard (dot) heggs (at) nottinghamcity (dot) gov (dot) uk Comment #5 Reply to this comment
After discussion with management, we have decided that we will not be 
rolling out Horde 3 to users with Win95 (neatly solving the 
incompatibility problem).

Since we are apparently the only Horde users still using Win95/IE 5.5, 
it might be appropriate to close this bug.
2005-01-12 11:19:34 richard (dot) heggs (at) nottinghamcity (dot) gov (dot) uk Comment #4 Reply to this comment
It's just not my day today.  I think i'll go home and hide under the bed.

Just to clarify: the problem doesn't OCCUR with the HEAD-2004-09-02 snapshot.
2005-01-12 11:16:32 richard (dot) heggs (at) nottinghamcity (dot) gov (dot) uk Comment #3 Reply to this comment
I thought we might be the only ones. *sigh*

How would I go about getting more specific information?  The error 
doesn't occur in anything other than the Win95/IE5.5SP2 config and as 
you can see, the 'helpful' javascript debug message that pops up is 
anything but.

I have got a couple of bits of information: the problem doesn't work 
with the HEAD-2004-09-02 snapshot.  It also seems to be intermittent: 
working on the same message each time, sometimes I get the error, 
sometimes I don't.  Clearing the cache seems to fix the problem, but 
again only sometimes.  I''ve verified the problem on 4 separate 
machines and I get the same results.

I'll grit my teeth and see about testing it on some of the earlier RC 
and BETA candidates and see if I can pinpoint when the problem first 
begins to manifest itself.

2005-01-12 10:47:31 Jan Schneider Comment #2
State ⇒ Assigned
Priority ⇒ 2. Medium
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I'm afraid noone else is still using Win95/IE55, at least none of the 
developers. So you need to find out what (javascript code) *exactly* 
is causing this error message.
2005-01-12 09:34:56 richard (dot) heggs (at) nottinghamcity (dot) gov (dot) uk Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 3. High
Summary ⇒ Javascript error on IE 5.5 SP2
Queue ⇒ IMP
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After a fresh install of Horde3/Imp4.0, I am getting the following 
error when viewing a message on Windows 95 clients with IE5.5 SP2 
(5.50.4807.2300CO).  This makes it impossible to click on any of the 
message functions (delete, reply, etc).  It works fine on NT, 2K and 
XP. Unfortunately, we have around 1,000 desktops still with Win95 and 
IE5.5 :(

Error on Page

Line: 1

Char: 1

Error: Object Expected

Code: 0

URL: http://webmail2...../horde/imp/message.php?index=139712

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