[#7802] email vs. emails
Summary email vs. emails
Queue Kolab
Type Bug
State No Feedback
Priority 1. Low
Owners thomas.jarosch (at) intra2net (dot) com, wrobel (at) horde (dot) org
Requester m.gabriel (at) das-netzwerkteam (dot) de
Created 2008-12-23 (3740 days ago)
Updated 2011-02-09 (2962 days ago)
Assigned 2011-01-24 (2978 days ago)
Resolved 2011-02-09 (2962 days ago)
Patch No

2011-02-09 18:31:17 Jan Schneider Comment #8
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Being reopened if it pops up again.
2011-01-25 10:35:14 m (dot) gabriel (at) das-netzwerkteam (dot) de Comment #7 Reply to this comment
I am planning to upgrade my Horde/Kolab setup in the near future and 
then (but unfortunately only then) I can comment on this issue...

I will reopen this ticket if it still affects me with the new Horde version...
2011-01-24 10:02:58 Gunnar Wrobel State ⇒ Feedback
2011-01-24 08:52:33 Gunnar Wrobel Comment #6 Reply to this comment
I can't verify this problem anymore with the most recent Horde version 
(tested on Kolab-Server-2.3-alpha). It could however also be connected 
to the configuration you use with Turba.

Can anyone that still sees the problem provide a bit more detail on 
which exact operation triggers the problem and what the associated 
email-attribute configuration in sources.php is? Thanks!
2010-11-09 14:51:22 gohmann (at) univention (dot) de Comment #5 Reply to this comment
Any news on this issue?

We have the same problem with the kolab cvs version of horde.

2009-02-02 02:48:13 m (dot) gabriel (at) das-netzwerkteam (dot) de Comment #4
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ok, i now looked at code more closely and found that gunnar(?) had put 
an unset($contact['email']) into the connect() function of turba's 
kolab driver.

when i use both ,,emails'' and ,,email'' in the turba<->kolab map in 
sources.php as provided in CVS all of the addressbook functions work 
apart from my initial horde login page (the one with the blocks).

when debugging i ended up with the toTurbaKeys() method in turba's 
Driver.php that merges the actually not to be used ,,email'' property 
back into the $objects...

with this patch i got rid of the error, but it pulls a further 
Driver.php method into the kolab driver of turba which might not be 

2009-01-12 02:08:13 Chuck Hagenbuch State ⇒ Assigned
2008-12-30 22:19:02 m (dot) gabriel (at) das-netzwerkteam (dot) de Comment #3 Reply to this comment
it is a shared.xxx IMAP/Kolab-based folder. later i found out, that 
the same issue occurs with user.xxx IMAP folders.
2008-12-29 08:54:50 Gunnar Wrobel Comment #2
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Can you detail what you refer to with a "personal address book" and a 
"shared address book"? Both are stored in IMAP? Or is one stored in 
LDAP or SQL? Is the shared one a global shared IMAP folder with prefix 
2008-12-28 03:02:59 Chuck Hagenbuch Assigned to Gunnar Wrobel
Assigned to Thomas Jarosch
State ⇒ Assigned
2008-12-23 13:20:13 m (dot) gabriel (at) das-netzwerkteam (dot) de Comment #1
Type ⇒ Bug
State ⇒ Unconfirmed
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
Summary ⇒ email vs. emails
Queue ⇒ Kolab
Milestone ⇒
Patch ⇒ No
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try the following:

1. create a contact with one email address in a personal folder

2. copy the contact to a shared contact folder

3. a php error should occur:

Notice: Array to string conversion in 
/usr/local/share/_horde-versions_/horde4-cvs+git-20081223/horde/turba/lib/Driver.php on line 

Notice: Array to string conversion in 
/usr/local/share/_horde-versions_/horde4-cvs+git-20081223/horde/turba/lib/Driver.php on line 

here is some debug output ($entry):

array(17) { ["uid"]=>  string(32) "84bd16bca84bb10662d6b130345acbd3" 
["body"]=>  string(0) "" ["categories"]=>  string(0) "" 
["creation-date"]=>  int(1230037930) ["last-modification-date"]=>   
int(1230037930) ["sensitivity"]=>  string(6) "public" ["product-id"]=> 
  string(12) "Horde::Kolab" ["given-name"]=>  string(6) "Firstname" 
["last-name"]=>  string(7) "Lastname" ["full-name"]=>  string(14) 
"Firstname Lastname" ["birthday"]=>  string(10) "1973-01-01" 
["email"]=>  array(1) { [0]=>  array(3) { ["display-name"]=>   
string(14) "Firstname Lastname" ["smtp-address"]=>  string(17) 
"flastnamel@horde.tld" ["uid"]=>  string(0) "" } } ["emails"]=>   
string(17) "flastname@hord.tld" ["__type"]=>  string(6) "Object" }

and $val that raises the error


string(5) "email"

afterwards the contact object has two mailadresses: 
flastname@horde.tld AND an email address named ,,Array''...

to my point of view $email should be dealt with as somehow invisible 
(as suggested in the latest sources.php of turba).

i am wondering why this issue only occurs with shared contact folders 
but not with personal contact folders...

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