[#9] Kronolith event does not work with sql backend (no display)
Summary Kronolith event does not work with sql backend (no display)
Queue Horde Framework Packages
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 3. High
Owners Horde Developers
Requester lbonnet@alike-group.com
Created 2004-03-16 (6344 days ago)
Updated 2004-03-18 (6342 days ago)
Assigned 2004-03-18 (6342 days ago)
Resolved 2004-03-18 (6342 days ago)
Patch No

lbonnet@alike-group.com 2004-03-16 12:18:22
I have Installed kronolith 111.1 wiht turba 1.2.2 and horde 2.2.5.

I use a mysql backend to save the kronolith events.

It seems that the script to create the table kronolith_events work perfectly.

But there is a problem with the sql query that select the event... (I 
don't have any events displayed on the calendar).

file : kronolith/lib/Driver/sql.php line 88 :

The query tries to select an unexisting colum: id_event_creator.

I just changed the query and everything works.

Thanks for your great framework !

Laurent Bonnet.

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2004-03-18 10:16:39

Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck@horde.org> 2004-03-18 16:09:44
Fixed in CVS, thanks. The fix will be in the next released version of