[#8653] field using attribute and parse at the same time
Summary field using attribute and parse at the same time
Queue Turba
Queue Version Git master
Type Bug
State Assigned
Priority 2. Medium
Owners jan@horde.org
Requester xk3@mompl.org
Created 2009-10-20 (3779 days ago)
Updated 2014-01-27 (2219 days ago)
Assigned 2011-07-01 (3160 days ago)
Patch No

xk3@mompl.org 2009-10-20 16:25:47
using ldap backend which requires a name/cn field. 'name' is a 
composite field and has attribute 'cn'. Adding a contact via turba 
works fine.

However, adding a contact via add_address link in imp is broken. Such 
links call the turba api with the fields 'name' and 'email', but in 
function toDriverKeys 'name' is composed from empty fileds (firstname, 
etc.). These fields have to be parsed from 'name' before!

In function toDriverKeys, I reordered the code for parse and attribute:

1) if there is no 'parse', create it from 'fields'

2) parse

3) then compose from fields (from $hash or $fields)

This is just a quick hack, so no diff.

Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk@horde.org> 2014-01-27 19:56:40
Jan, this was "assigned" but no owner. Assigning to you, in case this 
still needs to be done.

xk3@mompl.org 2014-01-27 20:09:13
>  in case this still needs to be done.

not for me anyway, as I don't use LDAP as turba backend anymore