[#8580] IMP compose address lookup loads blank page
Summary IMP compose address lookup loads blank page
Queue IMP
Queue Version 4.3.5
Type Bug
State Duplicate
Priority 1. Low
Requester patrickdk@patrickdk.com
Created 2009-09-16 (4055 days ago)
Updated 2009-09-17 (4054 days ago)
Resolved 2009-09-16 (4055 days ago)
Patch No

patrickdk@patrickdk.com 2009-09-16 14:45:17
Using Firefox/IE8 everything is working fine.

Using IE8 in compat mode, IE7, or IE6 it loads a blank white page to 
replace the compose page.

When you click on the new-mail icon, it shows the compose page like it 
should, you go to type in a name into the To box, and it does the ajax 
lookup (that returns http 200 status) and it refreshs the page with a 
blank one.

This is not using a different window for compose new message.

It seems like it's a javascript issue to me, not sure.

I reverted imp back to 4.3.4 and it works like normal again.

I turned off all caching, javascript/css merging and the problem 
wouldn't go away.

I will keep looking to see if I can figure out exactly where the issue 
is as I have time the rest of the week.

Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2009-09-16 16:46:52
Duplicate of Ticket #6602.  Verified that this works fine in IE7 with 3.3.5.

catanis@units.it 2009-09-17 14:09:03
I had the same issue, resolved using previous prototype.js (Version:"")

Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2009-09-17 16:24:16
Don't know what to tell you, because I have verified that this works 
fine on IE7 on a second computer.  Downgrading to shouldn't do 
anything because the fix that was manually patched to is 
present in the 1.6.1 distribution.

patrickdk@patrickdk.com 2009-09-17 16:41:27
I tried downgrading prototype.js and it works fine for me again.

I didn't have ie7 installed locally, had a friend try it. But I setup 
a Windows XP SP3 install, and downloaded ie7 from microsoft to test 
it, and it was broken, till I replaced the prototype.js files with the version ones. I verified I had version 1.6.1 before in all the 
directorys (horde, imp, turba, ingo, nag, mnemo)

I'm testing currently with IE 8.0.6001.18702, IE 7.0.5730.13, IE 
6.0.2900.5512, Firefox 3.0.14

Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2009-09-17 17:18:20
See Ticket #6590.