[#8376] vacation allows empty subject/reason
Summary vacation allows empty subject/reason
Queue Ingo
Queue Version 1.2.1
Type Enhancement
State Resolved
Priority 1. Low
Owners slusarz@horde.org
Requester crohmann@netcologne.de
Created 2009-06-25 (4069 days ago)
Updated 2013-01-24 (2760 days ago)
Assigned 2009-06-28 (4066 days ago)
Resolved 2013-01-24 (2760 days ago)
Patch Yes

crohmann@netcologne.de 2009-06-25 08:11:00
A user can just click on vacation and then press activate without even 
entering ANY information. This leads to unwanted mail junk without the 
user even noticing.

The attached patch sets the fields "subject" and "reason" as MUST enter.

One might argue that now there always has to be text in those fields 
even though the rule is not enabled. Otherwise there had to be more 
code to check for things, this patch does not change much.

Git Commit <commits@lists.horde.org> 2013-01-24 01:07:57
Changes have been made in Git (master):

commit faf21c14a3a43cfb556320bbcb15cc0ba9182156
Author: Michael M Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org>
Date:   Wed Jan 23 18:06:28 2013 -0700

     [mms] Require non-empty subject and reason fields when creating a 
vacation message (crohmann@netcologne.de; Request #8376).

  ingo/docs/CHANGES          |    2 ++
  ingo/lib/Form/Vacation.php |    4 ++--
  ingo/package.xml           |    2 ++
  3 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2013-01-24 01:08:06
Ingo 3.0.3.