[#663] Swedish characters truncate messages
Summary Swedish characters truncate messages
Queue IMP
Queue Version 3.2.6
Type Bug
State Not A Bug
Priority 2. Medium
Requester imp@tore.cc
Created 2004-10-05 (5762 days ago)
Updated 2004-10-06 (5761 days ago)
Assigned 2004-10-05 (5762 days ago)
Resolved 2004-10-06 (5761 days ago)
Patch No

imp@tore.cc 2004-10-05 18:07:07

When I submit a message containing the swedish character o with dots. 
The message is truncated at the point where the character was inserted.

The IMP footer is insterted after the truncated messagebody.

This happens about 95 percent of the submitted messages with the 
character present.

I traced it to the compose.php getMessage function. The problem has 
occurred already at this point.


Tore Johansson

I try the character here at the end .... ööÖÖÖöööÖÖÖööö

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2004-10-05 21:10:22
This sounds very unlikely because it works for everyone else. What 
language are you using, and does this happen with other languages too? 
Where in getMessage() is the message truncated, etc?

imp@tore.cc 2004-10-05 21:34:46
I am using english Solaris 9 on an Ultra 30 for hosting the webserver.

As client I have tried:

- Ultra 10 with english Solaris 8 and Netscape 7

- Windows 2000 english IE 6.x

- Windows XP japanese IE 6.x

All have the same behaviour. The ö-character is most times translated 
to 00h and the message is trunkaded (somewhere before the getMessage 

Can it be related to PHP...?

I am using PHP Version: 4.3.7RC1 .

Who is 'everyone else' that it works for?

I would like to compare the installation with someone that have a 
similar environment and it works for.


imp@tore.cc 2004-10-06 20:50:01
Don't bother anymore. I dumped IMP in the binary trash-can.