[#6269] Attendees not synced
Summary Attendees not synced
Queue Kronolith
Queue Version Git master
Type Enhancement
State Accepted
Priority 1. Low
Requester toenjes.neuhaeusser@klst.com
Created 2008-02-15 (4533 days ago)
Updated 2013-06-28 (2573 days ago)
Patch No

toenjes.neuhaeusser@klst.com 2008-02-15 16:46:40
The attendees are ignored during the sync of calendar events between 
Kronolith and Outlook 2003 in terms of Funambol 6.5.7. It does not 
matter whether the event is transfered from outlook to horde or vice 

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2008-03-06 00:17:23

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2008-04-09 15:21:01
Summary: we need to add an organizer field to kronolith for this to 
happen. The creator field that we currently have is bound to horde 
user names.

s.grassler@gmx.net 2009-10-15 06:19:52
What's the current state for this ticket?

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2009-10-15 07:30:01

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2010-11-12 18:27:23
See also ticket #3965.

diego@woitasen.com.ar 2010-11-15 23:59:10
> Accepted

Any news on this bug? Is there some code to test?

If not, I'll start to work on it.

diego@woitasen.com.ar 2011-01-24 00:20:13
I found where the problem is. kronolith/lib/Driver.php -> 
Kronolith_Driver ->fromiCalendar() is the place where is iCal embedded 
in the SyncML message is decoded and saved. The function is looking 
for the X-ATTENDEE element instead of ATTENDEE. I don't know if that 
depends in the SyncML client implementation.

Another weird thing is that toiCalendar() build the iCal message using 

I've fixed the problem replacing X-ATTENDEE with ATTENDEE. What do you 
think about? Shall we look for both elements?

lauffer@ph-freiburg.de 2013-06-28 08:14:35

Since this topic is accepted as enhancemet for a long time ago could 
we get an update or state info about the plans to implement this (or 
where is the problem not to get it into kronolith)?

Tanky you!

Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk@horde.org> 2013-06-28 13:33:25
It's not currently high on the personal todo list of any developer I 
suppose.  If this feature is of high importance to you or your 
organization you could consider sponsoring the feature.