[#5645] Add Support for Mylyn
Summary Add Support for Mylyn
Queue Whups
Type Enhancement
State Accepted
Priority 1. Low
Requester webmaster@dasourcerer.net
Created 2007-08-19 (4663 days ago)
Updated 2007-08-22 (4660 days ago)
Patch No

webmaster@dasourcerer.net 2007-08-19 23:03:42
Mylyn (formerly known as Mylar) is a task enhancement for Eclipse v3.3+.

This sounds at first like it were more suitable for interoperation 
with Nag, but since Mylyn's focus is on development, I think Whups 
fits right in.

Currently there are connectors for Bugzilla and Trac. I cannot 
estimate how hard it would be to code one for Whups. Possibly it would 
be enough to build an interface to make Whups look like Bugzilla to 
Mylyn. I just figured it would be a "nice to have" :)

More info on Mylyn: <http://www.eclipse.org/mylyn/>

Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck@horde.org> 2007-08-22 01:36:04
Shouldn't be too hard; some initial info is here:


Unless one of the core devs uses Eclipse, though, I imagine this will 
stay low priority barring contributed patches or sponsored development.

webmaster@dasourcerer.net 2007-08-22 14:51:55
Well, I'd be interested since I'm using Eclispe a lot. Unfortunately 
I'm in the process of moving to another city and haven't touched Java 
in a while. Might take a few months from my side.