[#5579] Turba flatten shares script cannot update user prefs
Summary Turba flatten shares script cannot update user prefs
Queue Turba
Queue Version HEAD
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 1. Low
Owners mrubinsk@horde.org
Requester mrubinsk@horde.org
Created 2007-07-24 (5206 days ago)
Updated 2007-08-02 (5197 days ago)
Resolved 2007-08-02 (5197 days ago)
Patch No

Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk@horde.org> 2007-07-24 17:04:18
Running the flatten shares upgrade can corrupt various user prefs 
related to address books.  This is due to the fact that:

1) Outside of a user session, we could only upgrade SQL pref backends.

2) Prior to the upgrade, the user's default address book a particular 
share enabled source was simply the name of the source ('localsql' for 
example). In the upgrade script we would have to know if a particular 
entry in the pref refers to a share enabled default address book, a 
share-enabled non-default address book or an address book from a 
non-share enabled source.  This might be possible to do, but again, 
would only be doable from SQL pref backends.

We either need to document that user's prefs might need resetting for 
non SQL pref backends or figure out a way to do this from within the 
user's session .

Michael Rubinsky <mrubinsk@horde.org> 2007-08-02 20:31:41
Fixed by adding maintenance tasks to Turba.

Please test.