[#4170] Marking messages broken
Summary Marking messages broken
Queue IMP
Queue Version HEAD
Type Bug
State Resolved
Priority 1. Low
Owners slusarz@horde.org
Requester jan@horde.org
Created 2006-07-18 (5111 days ago)
Updated 2006-07-20 (5109 days ago)
Assigned 2006-07-19 (5110 days ago)
Resolved 2006-07-20 (5109 days ago)
Patch No

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2006-07-18 15:32:42
Marking a message from the message view currently fails with "message 
not found", probably due to a missing mailbox or thismailbox parameter.

Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2006-07-18 21:24:53
Should be fixed now.

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2006-07-19 11:08:00
Still happens when clicking "show thread" in message view.

Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2006-07-20 00:42:56