[#2751] URL based profile import/export from another horde install
Summary URL based profile import/export from another horde install
Queue Horde Base
Queue Version HEAD
Type Enhancement
State Accepted
Priority 1. Low
Requester horde@headbonk.com
Created 2005-10-09 (5497 days ago)
Updated 2014-08-29 (2251 days ago)
Milestone Horde 4.0
Patch No

horde@headbonk.com 2005-10-09 17:03:46
I'm not sure if this is the right queue for this...

I've had the misfortune of having to move my horde accounts twice in 
the last several months, and I don't have access to the backend 
database (shared hosting provider).

For the modules that have import/export functionality, this means 
exporting to some appropriate format and downloading the results to my 
local system then uploading to the new install.

It would be great if I could just give a URL, login and password to an 
import function then have the two installs handle the transfer. 
Ideally, you would only have to do this once for all  the modules in 
an install, but I could imagine doing it on  per module basis.

Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck@horde.org> 2006-11-26 05:06:01
This won't happen before Horde 4.

software-horde@interfasys.ch 2014-08-29 16:48:45
This is an interesting request, but there should also be an option for 
admins to migrate specific profiles to a new server per example. It 
seems Horde is missing import/export scripts and I could only find a 
delete command in the API.