[#14983] Calendar event alarm via e-mail should send message from default identity
Summary Calendar event alarm via e-mail should send message from default identity
Queue Kronolith
Queue Version Git master
Type Enhancement
State New
Priority 1. Low
Requester aria@bsc.gwu.edu
Created 2020-01-27 (630 days ago)
Updated 2020-01-27 (630 days ago)
Patch No

aria@bsc.gwu.edu 2020-01-27 20:28:48
Under user configuration Preferences -> Calendar -> Notifications you 
can configure 'Email' notification under "Choose how you want to 
receive reminders for events with alarms:".  This works well and an 
e-mail is sent to the default identity (from the user to the user) 
regarding the event at the appropriate time.  However, at the bottom 
of the same configuration screen, there is a field "Email address 
(optional)" that allows for an e-mail address to be entered.  If 
provided, then the e-mail sent will be from this e-mail address and to 
this e-mail address.

It would be helpful via a configuration directive, we could force the 
'FROM:' address for all Kronolith alarms to be the 'default identity' 

Or, as suggested by Michael Rubinsky, "This is why Horde_Alarm either 
has to be extended  to accept a separate from/to address, or, as 
suggested, more tightly  integrate the Identity system with Kronolith."

However, I feel that the latter is more complex and would require more 
development time.  Personally, I would be happy with the first option 
if it means it will be available sooner.

Please see https://marc.info/?l=kronolith&m=158014181328358&w=2

Thank you.