[#14789] BugFix CLI import + delete previous data on CLI import
Summary BugFix CLI import + delete previous data on CLI import
Queue Turba
Queue Version 4.2.21
Type Enhancement
State New
Priority 2. Medium
Requester lucabert@lucabert.de
Created 2018-03-04 (1141 days ago)
Updated 2018-03-04 (1141 days ago)
Patch Yes

lucabert@lucabert.de 2018-03-04 07:29:07
CLI import always said that no address book was found (see thread 
The problem was that if IMAP ist used to authenticate the user the IMP 
module must be loaded.

A very useful option to allow deleting all previous data in an address 
book to avoid duplicated entries and/or old entries no more valid.
Since calling


from outside the Api-class always results in an error that the source 
does not exists, I added the feature to allow the user deleting all 
previous data in an address book by passing the option 
'delete_previous' to the import function.

A patch for the BugFix and the enhancement (files: turba/lib/Api.php 
and turba-import-vcards) is attached.
In this version of turba-import-vcards the option to purge previous 
data is default.

I hope these fixes will be soon imported in the main code of Horde.