[#14741] Kronolith sends mails for cancelled-events when explicitely told, not to send them.
Summary Kronolith sends mails for cancelled-events when explicitely told, not to send them.
Queue Kronolith
Queue Version 4.2.23
Type Bug
State Unconfirmed
Priority 2. Medium
Requester stefan@lanschuetzer.at
Created 2017-11-28 (1461 days ago)
Updated 2017-11-28 (1461 days ago)
Patch No

stefan@lanschuetzer.at 2017-11-28 15:58:45
The steps to reproduce seem somewhat strange, so I will explain below, 
why I sometimes have to act like this.

Current behaviour:
When importing a calender-event (.ics) from an external calendar-tool 
(like google-calendar) that was forwarded to me per email, all the 
attendees are imported as attendees too.
Deleting the attendees in this event via webfrontend offers a popup, 
asking "Send updates to attendees?"
When you click "No", the attendees you just deleted, still receive an 
email telling them, the event was cancelled!

Expected behaviour:
When i explicitely tell kronolith, not to send updates to attendees, i 
should not send emails.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create an event in an external calendar-tool (e.g. 
calendar.google.com) and invite person A to this event
2) Forward the invitation-mail for person A to your horde account
3) In Horde Mail-Frontend add this event to your personal calendar 
(via "Actions-> Add to my calendar" in the bottom of the mail)
4) In Kronolith-frontend select the event, delete person A from the 
event and click "Save"
5) In the popup asking you "Send updates to attandees?" click on "No"
6) Person A receives a "Cancelled: Event" - mail, but it should not.

End of bug description
Just to make clear "why" one wants to do this:
Sometimes, when a colleague gets invited to events (from people 
outside our company via google-calendar, exchange, whatever), he wants 
me to be available as "backup". He forwards me the emails containing 
the .ics, so i can import them to my calendar. As i'm not invited by 
the externals i can't "accept" the invitation, i just can add "a copy" 
of the event to my calendar.
Unfortunately TB/Lightning in conjunction with horde has some bugs 
(not topic of this ticket, i think there are already some tickets open 
regarding this) resulting in sending out emails to attendees, 
everytime i get a reminder, which i have to avoid. Thus i want to 
delete other persons from my copy of the event, so Lightning doesn't 
even have the chance to send out emails to other persons.
But currently all of the original attendees get an email, saying that 
i cancelled an event (which i'm originially not even invited to), 
which results in much confusion.