[#13605] Installations instructions for composer
Summary Installations instructions for composer
Queue Horde Base
Queue Version Git master
Type Enhancement
State Accepted
Priority 2. Medium
Requester sebix+bugs.horde.org@sebix.at
Created 2014-09-27 (2587 days ago)
Updated 2016-01-28 (2099 days ago)
Milestone 6.0.0
Patch No

sebix+bugs.horde.org@sebix.at 2014-09-27 12:12:15
As PEAR gets more and more abandonded and deprecated, are there any 
plans to support installtion via the new composer 
(https://packagist.org/) 'dependency manager'?
The Install Instructions 
(http://www.horde.org/apps/horde/docs/INSTALL) list instructions for 
PEAR and from Git. Currently one can add for every package needed a 
link like https://github.com/horde/horde/archive/FRAMEWORK_5_2.zip but 
managing these manually is a nightmare.

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2014-10-06 17:29:30
For framework libraries, yes, this is planned for Horde 6.
For application installation, probably not yet, because Composer is 
still far from being on par with PEAR in that domain.