[#13575] Inbox becomes blank when rapidly displaying several messages
Summary Inbox becomes blank when rapidly displaying several messages
Queue IMP
Queue Version 6.2.2
Type Bug
State Stalled
Priority 2. Medium
Requester o+horde@immerda.ch
Created 2014-09-17 (2023 days ago)
Updated 2015-01-08 (1910 days ago)
Assigned 2014-09-19 (2021 days ago)
Resolved 2015-01-08 (1910 days ago)
Patch No

o+horde@immerda.ch 2014-09-17 08:35:49
1) Log into a mailbox with some 100 mails in it
2) Use the arrow down keys to navigate the inbox: continue going down 
the list ~2 entries per second for around 3 seconds and then stop.
3) Suddenly the inbox becomes empty, no mails are displayed anymore.
4) imp has to be reloaded before the folder is displayed non-empty again.

The bug is somewhat fragile to reproduce.
For one it is most easily triggered when a user didn't log in for a 
while (probably due to caching), it seems to rely on the imap backend 
being able to server every request fast enough and the speed at which 
mails are navigated.

Even so i can trigger it regularly and users report it regularly. we 
cannot exactly pinpoint the release where this was introduced.

Please let me know if you can reproduce it.

Jan Schneider <jan@horde.org> 2014-09-19 10:46:18
I cannot.

o+horde@immerda.ch 2014-09-19 13:01:13
> I cannot.

ok, i am trying to get you more datapoints:

- i can most easily trigger it with chrome
- the triggering viewPort response stands out by having rowlist_reset: true
- the condition is followed by "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set 
property 'VP_rownum' of undefined" 
(https://github.com/horde/horde/blob/bb18b225fb770ce54b6b83d0313b710d7b954908/imp/js/viewport.js#L1518), this is however not the cause but merely a secondary 

here is an example viewPort response triggering it:




o+horde@immerda.ch 2014-09-19 13:04:12
also i just realized i said "blank" but i should have written that I 
see "This folder contains no messages".

o+horde@immerda.ch 2014-12-03 17:14:41
Any progress on this ticket?

We are still plagued by the problem!

Michael Slusarz <slusarz@horde.org> 2015-01-08 03:23:43
I have never been able to reproduce.

Without a reliable way of reproducing, nothing more can be done here 
so marking as stalled.

Keyboard navigation was already rewritten in IMP 7 awhile back, so 
maybe that will help you out in the future.