[#11680] Kolab Storage: serialize/unserialize handling
Summary Kolab Storage: serialize/unserialize handling
Queue Horde Framework Packages
Queue Version Git master
Type Bug
State Assigned
Priority 1. Low
Owners wrobel@horde.org
Requester thomas.jarosch@intra2net.com
Created 2012-11-09 (3190 days ago)
Updated 2012-11-22 (3177 days ago)
Assigned 2012-11-09 (3190 days ago)
Milestone 3
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Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@intra2net.com> 2012-11-09 15:43:28
Hi Gunnar,

I'm not sure how the serialize/unserialize handling is done in Kolab_Storage.
Let's take Storage/Cache/Data.php as an example.

The code in store() looks like this:
$this->_data[self::STAMP] = serialize($stamp);

The _load() code does nothing special to the "self::STAMP" field.

The getStamp() code looks like this:
     public function getStamp()
         return $this->_data[self::STAMP];

Is there some recursive unserialize magic happening I don't see yet?

IMHO if you call getStamp(), it will return garbage.
The same code pattern applies to a few other spots.

OTOH the actual user of "Storage/Cache/Data.php" is "Storage/Data/Cached.php".
That one unserializes the stamp before using it.

Is this a performance optimization to move unserialize() to the calling side?


Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel@horde.org> 2012-11-22 18:55:31
While this is undeniably broken and certainly not intended:

The deserialization currently happens in 
Horde/Kolab/Storage/Data/Cached.php on line 228.

This issue will be fixed when I finished the redesign of the data 
area. Horde 6.0 though as this is an API change.