[#7152] Add pref UI to define keyboard navigation bindings
Summary Add pref UI to define keyboard navigation bindings
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Type Enhancement
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Created 08/04/2008 (2085 days ago)
Updated 01/08/2009 (1928 days ago)
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08/04/2008 11:10:35 PM Jan Schneider Comment #2 Reply to this comment
jan: and metaKey :)
08/04/2008 07:55:46 PM Michael Slusarz Comment #1
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Summary ⇒ Add pref UI to define keyboard navigation bindings
Type ⇒ Enhancement
Priority ⇒ 1. Low
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          [12:32]        cjh: have a text box

          [12:33]        cjh: capture a single keypress event in that text box

          [12:33]        cjh: display the result

          [12:33]        cjh: (test the keypress even for modifier keys, etc)

          [12:33]        Shpoon: this seems to be something I can ruthlessly rip off 
from another page/site

          [12:35]        cjh: possibly - the place i'm thinking of is the macos 
keyboard system preferences panel

          [12:35]        cjh: but should be pretty easy to do even in web context

          [12:36]        Shpoon: well, its a simple matter of parsing the Event 
object thrown on a JS event trigger

          [12:36]        cjh: yup

          [12:36]        Shpoon: check the keyCode, and then check the altKey and 
shiftKey properties

          [12:36]        cjh: and ctrlKey :)