Open tickets in Wicked (6)

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1475Virtual attachments to GollemAcceptedEnhancement1. LowWickedmdjukic 03/03/0510/25/05   
4402Feeds in WickedAcceptedEnhancement1. LowWickedChuck Hagenbuch 09/10/0608/29/08   
6131API calls definitions automatically rendered as wiki pagesAcceptedEnhancement1. LowWickedDuckChuck Hagenbuch, Jan Schneider01/21/0802/22/0902/14/08  
10639create per user startpage settingAcceptedEnhancement1. LowWickedthpo+horde (at) dotrc (dot) de 10/12/1110/12/11   
11456[Mediawiki] Page creation with whitespace and rename to it generates a different page name AssignedBug1. LowWickedszimszon (at) oregpreshaz (dot) euHorde DevelopersHorde Developers10/01/1210/25/1210/25/12  
12670Please implement print cssAcceptedEnhancement1. LowWickedalienn (at) alienn (dot) net 09/11/1310/09/1309/11/13