Open tickets in Horde Groupware Webmail Edition (6)

Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
12112The return_url paremeter for the problem-form sometimes points to an unwanted locationUnconfirmedBug1. LowHorde Groupware Webmail Editionaarno (dot) sandvik (at) helsinki (dot) fi 03/13/13    
12907Updated quota information on folder switchFeedbackEnhancement1. LowHorde Groupware Webmail Editionroderick (dot) braun (at) ph-freiburg (dot) deMichael Slusarz01/08/1402/27/14   
13035PHP ERROR: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at loginFeedbackBug1. LowHorde Groupware Webmail Editionaria (at) bsc (dot) gwu (dot) edu 03/11/1403/14/1403/11/14  
13079New message hangs with "Loading..."FeedbackBug1. LowHorde Groupware Webmail Editiontummba (at) gmx (dot) de 03/26/1403/31/1403/27/14  
13090Page up down Unchecks selectionsFeedbackBug1. LowHorde Groupware Webmail Editionjohn (at) masscotmail (dot) com 03/31/1404/04/1404/04/14  
13097username permanent display on Horde screenFeedbackEnhancement1. LowHorde Groupware Webmail Editionmaciej (dot) uhlig (at) us (dot) edu (dot) pl 04/04/1404/10/14 04/05/14