Open tickets in Trean (16)

Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
7773Detect duplicate bookmarksAcceptedEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 12/12/0801/15/09   
10743Show tag analysis of URLs using the Delicious URLinfo APINewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/11    
10744If an instapaper account is connected, push new bookmarks to itNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/11    
10745monitor twitter for shared links, auto-bookmark themNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/11    
10746monitor Facebook for liked links, auto-bookmark themNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/11    
10747Extract tags from bookmarked pages automatically with CalaisNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/11    
10748Allow synchronization of bookmarks between Horde installationsNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/1111/12/11   
10749POST full text of the web page being bookmarked with the bookmarkletAcceptedEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch11/12/1101/21/13   
10752Auto-import bookmarks from other servicesNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/1111/12/11   
10753Save the full text and dependencies of bookmarked pagesNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/1112/21/12   
10754Trean API call for suggesting tags for a URLNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/11    
10756Public tagsNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 11/13/11    
11985Non-blocking click trackingAcceptedEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 01/21/13    
11996Provide a local view of bookmarks that are stored Content_IndexNewEnhancement1. LowTreanChuck Hagenbuch 01/27/13    
12132Allow the ability to import/export bookmarksAcceptedEnhancement1. LowTreanbennettj (at) thebennetthome (dot) comMichael Rubinsky03/20/1310/29/15   
13539Sharing of bookmarksAcceptedEnhancement1. LowTreanbennettj (at) thebennetthome (dot) com 09/04/1409/04/14