Open tickets in Nag (28)

Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
1113Add VFS support for attaching files to tasksAcceptedEnhancement2. MediumNagChuck Hagenbuch 01/07/0510/18/12   
6985'VALARM' descriptor not address via WEBDAVAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagtkrah (at) fachschaft (dot) imn (dot) htwk-leipzig (dot) de 06/27/0806/27/08   
7349Simple inline ajax actions in task listAssignedEnhancement2. MediumNagChuck HagenbuchMichael Rubinsky09/17/0811/21/1310/28/08  
7473Remove full refresh on task edit screen when changing tasklistAssignedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch10/11/0810/11/08   
7687Reports on what's been completedAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck Hagenbuch 11/15/0811/16/08   
7778Mindmeister integrationAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck Hagenbuch 12/13/0804/22/14   
7989Request: Support for task relations in SyncMLAcceptedEnhancement2. MediumNagfelix (dot) leimbach (at) gmx (dot) net 02/15/0904/17/10   
8146Support for importing/exporting OPML outlinesAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck Hagenbuch 04/03/09    
8329Active alarms are not rescheduled when due date changesAssignedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck HagenbuchHorde DevelopersHorde Developers06/08/09    
8406Google/Gmail gadgetAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck Hagenbuch 07/05/09    
9547Add location attributeAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagMichael RubinskyMichael Rubinsky01/28/1111/21/13   
10397Task forecast viewAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagChuck Hagenbuch 07/30/1110/18/12   
11487notification in group task list with assignee personAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagsamuel (dot) wolf (at) wolf-maschinenbau (dot) de 10/10/1210/18/12   
11555Add recent/popular tags to nag tag fieldsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagMichael Rubinsky 10/18/1210/22/12   
11556Add ability to save a smart list from tag browsing results.AcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagMichael Rubinsky 10/18/12    
11563Small display glitch after creating new tagAssignedBug1. LowNagThomas JaroschJan Schneider10/19/1208/28/1310/22/12  
12288choose time dropdown wrong positionAssignedBug1. LowNagsamuel (dot) wolf (at) wolf-maschinenbau (dot) deHorde DevelopersHorde Developers, Jan Schneider05/31/1306/03/1306/03/13  
12308parent task should may not be completed while child tasks are openAssignedBug1. LowNagx (dot) van_dessel (at) ieee (dot) orgMichael Rubinsky06/05/1310/13/1507/20/15  
12442Show available task lists in "Quick Add" windowFeedbackEnhancement2. MediumNagjosh (at) ha (dot) cr 07/10/1307/12/13   
12454Date parser in quick task traps all word numbersAssignedBug1. LowNagx (dot) van_dessel (at) ieee (dot) orgHorde DevelopersHorde Developers07/12/1307/12/1307/12/13  
12591Kolab driver: Fix searching through folders in getByUid()FeedbackBug1. LowNagThomas JaroschJan Schneider08/20/1308/23/1308/23/13  
13056Parent task make sort by date impossibleFeedbackEnhancement2. MediumNagsamuel (dot) wolf (at) wolf-maschinenbau (dot) de 03/17/1410/14/15   
13307add assignee as search optionAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagsamuel (dot) wolf (at) wolf-maschinenbau (dot) de 07/01/1407/01/14   
13737Setting "Delay until" on task with subtasksUnconfirmedBug1. LowNagJasper (dot) Olbrich (at) students (dot) uni-marburg (dot) de 12/05/1410/13/15   
13836Nag Block Task Summery does not check show permFeedbackBug2. MediumNagmichael (dot) menge (at) zdv (dot) uni-tuebingen (dot) de 02/02/1502/12/1502/06/15  
13886old task completion status needs migration, new entries miss dataUnconfirmedBug2. MediumNagjmozdzen (at) nde (dot) ag 02/27/1502/27/15   
14032Tasks priority rangeAcceptedEnhancement1. LowNagalex (at) mail (dot) fliker09 (dot) tk 06/29/1506/30/15   
14057Some task properties get lost during CalDAV synchronizationUnconfirmedBug1. LowNaggrafnetter (at) dekanat (dot) mff (dot) cuni (dot) cz 07/17/1507/17/15