Open tickets in Mnemo (10)

Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
4583Ajax-y note thingsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck Hagenbuch 10/29/0610/29/06   
6319HTML notes supportAcceptedEnhancement1. LowMnemoroti (at) al (dot) pmmf (dot) hu 02/25/0806/15/09   
7211Inter-note linking syntaxAcceptedEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch08/17/0811/06/08   
7595Unify the display and edit views for notes, save content automaticallyAssignedEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch10/28/08    
8411mnemo/wicked mashupAssignedEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch07/05/09    
8568Reload the note list after panel changes without needing to click SaveAcceptedEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck Hagenbuch 09/10/09    
10523Ajax layout for MnemoNewEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck Hagenbuch 09/16/11    
10524Sync Mnemo and EvernoteNewEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck Hagenbuch 09/16/11    
10525Finish "sticky note" view?NewEnhancement1. LowMnemoChuck Hagenbuch 09/16/11    
11668Kolab backend: Crash on concurrent editUnconfirmedBug1. LowMnemoThomas Jarosch 11/07/12