Open tickets in Horde Base (74)

Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Due Resolved
2433Tool to move/copy/rename user's dataAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basedrew (at) zorgo (dot) net 08/12/0511/09/08   
2751URL based profile import/export from another horde installAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basehorde (at) headbonk (dot) com 10/09/0508/29/14   
4573Alternate Portal LayoutAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 10/28/0611/09/08   
4705Support for password expiration in Samba authentication driversAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseh35 (dot) office (at) bmlv (dot) gv (dot) at 11/28/0610/29/07   
5336Restrict users to virtual domainsAcceptedEnhancement2. MediumHorde BaseJan Schneider 05/07/0705/07/07   
5952Implement humanized messages in HordeAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 12/02/0703/09/09   
6102Drag & Drop portalAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseDuckDuck01/11/0801/12/1002/17/08  
6187API tests for supported RPC backendsAcceptedEnhancement2. MediumHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 02/01/0802/25/08   
6188Re-add sortColumn column shading in tables.jsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 02/01/0802/25/08   
6498Virtual Keyboard to prevent keyloggingAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basespinne (at) riseup (dot) net 03/18/0808/17/10   
6944identity creation auditingAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseliamr (at) umich (dot) edu 06/17/0812/06/11   
7147OAuth consumer supportAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 08/03/0809/17/10   
7212Add -y/--yes option to all upgrade scripts, get rid of any that require editing $liveAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 08/17/08    
7214Alarm clock blockAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 08/17/08    
7256Show progress during attachment uploadAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baserobert (dot) penz (at) tirol (dot) gv (dot) at 08/29/0801/08/09   
7270OAuth support in the Horde APIAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch08/31/0809/17/10   
7447Audit for inappropriate use of mt_rand()AssignedBug2. MediumHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchHorde DevelopersHorde Developers, Chuck Hagenbuch10/07/0810/16/12   
7449Incoming email processor for generic email actionsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 10/07/0804/21/14   
7514RPC access for guest usersAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basealmarin (at) um (dot) es 10/16/0812/14/11   
7569Right Now horde_blockAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch10/27/08    
7581Create a Horde_Block dashboard widget and themeAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch10/28/0810/28/08   
7583Horde portal tabsAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch10/28/08    
7605Create sidebar or Horde_Block drop target for note/bookmark/task/event/etc. creationAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch10/29/08    
7625Horde_Alarm Firefox extensionAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 11/01/0811/06/08   
7626Horde quick actions Firefox extensionAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 11/01/0811/01/08   
7735Google docs/calendar API support and Horde_BlocksAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch11/29/08    
7736SAML and general horde single sign-onAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch11/29/08    
7737Horde helper Mac OS application for Services menu pluginsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 11/29/0801/23/09   
7829Improve / standarize / clean up log messagesAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basethomas (at) gelf (dot) net 01/07/0902/05/09   
7955Improve button renderingAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseJan Schneider 02/05/0902/05/09   
8210Remember ME buttonFeedbackEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseltorrez (at) peachesuniforms (dot) com 04/23/0911/13/13   
8325Horde as an OpenSocial containerAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 06/06/09    
8353Sort out LDAP preferences mess with user bindingsAssignedBug1. LowHorde BaseJan SchneiderHorde DevelopersHorde Developers06/16/0910/18/1202/20/11  
8363Wizard functionality in help screensAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 06/21/0906/28/09   
8380Add OpenMapi supportAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseJan Schneider 06/26/0906/26/09   
8407Share performance: Search to find sharesAcceptedEnhancement2. MediumHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 07/05/09    
8416Horde iPhone app for push notificationsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchChuck Hagenbuch07/07/0910/04/09   
8423Security AuditAssignedEnhancement2. MediumHorde BaseChuck HagenbuchHorde DevelopersHorde Developers, Chuck Hagenbuch07/10/0903/31/11   
8450Add titles in sidebarAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basesebastien-horde (at) orniz (dot) orgHorde DevelopersHorde Developers07/22/0910/14/1006/15/10  
8566Add fluid growl notificationsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 09/10/0912/06/11   
8570Add user auto-complete to permissions pagesAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 09/11/0912/29/13   
8848a Listing of Groups in the account Block would be niceAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseKlaus (dot) Steinberger (at) physik (dot) uni-muenchen (dot) de 02/02/1006/02/11   
8998HTTP Extensions for Account Management and Session IdentificationAcceptedEnhancement2. MediumHorde BaseJan Schneider 05/02/1005/02/10   
9109Custom base DN only in LDAP configurationsAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseJan SchneiderBen Klang06/24/10    
9177Option for external URLsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseandreas (dot) moroder (at) sb-brixen (dot) it 08/16/1008/17/10   
9517User profile creation wizardAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 01/17/11    
9548migration script db user rightsAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basersalmon (at) mbpgroup (dot) com 01/28/1101/29/11   
9690Masonry portal layoutNewEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 03/20/11    
9918Add email as input to signup formAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseiron_hat (at) hotmail (dot) com 04/15/1103/23/12   
10065Implement authentication driver stack in composite authenticationAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Basedom (dot) lalot (at) gmail (dot) com 05/10/1105/20/11   
10457Auto-detect locale supportNewEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseGunnar Wrobel 08/26/11    
10489Allow user to choose LDAP Field to match in group membershipNewEnhancement2. MediumHorde Baselorenzettoluca (at) provincia (dot) treviso (dot) it 09/07/11    
10593Horde portal - add a link for toggling configuration mode on/off, or always allow drag/drop rearranging of blocksNewEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 09/30/11    
10594Horde portal - have Add Content go to a new page or dialog to select the new widgetNewEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 09/30/11    
10750Profile pages for Horde usersNewEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 11/12/1101/16/12   
10778Notifications should be cleared on logoutAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseBen Klang 11/17/1111/30/11   
10833use jqm DOM cachingNewEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseChuck Hagenbuch 12/02/11    
10913Autocompleter uses "email"-field onlyFeedbackEnhancement1. LowHorde Basemichael (dot) groene (at) zel (dot) uni-hannover (dot) de 01/10/1207/28/14   
11313Add support for the Unity Web APIAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseJan Schneider 07/24/12    
11387horde_alarms tries always to login as first admin user but with an empty passwordFeedbackBug2. MediumHorde Basepeter (dot) meier+horde (at) immerda (dot) ch 08/30/1203/19/1408/31/12  
11673Horde5 webmail-install script fails when installing into seperate pearUnconfirmedBug1. LowHorde Basedaniel (at) daniel-ritter (dot) de 11/08/1211/09/12   
12301Secondary authenticationFeedbackEnhancement1. LowHorde Baselameventanas (at) gmail (dot) com 06/05/1308/30/13   
12359horde-set-perms non interactive usageNewEnhancement1. LowHorde Basesca (at) andreasschulze (dot) de 06/14/13    
12404Syncing fails with funambol clientUnconfirmedBug2. MediumHorde Baseklaus (at) tachtler (dot) net 06/24/13    
12710Perform Login Tasks issue.AcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseasa (at) isac (dot) gov (dot) in 09/26/1311/13/13   
12712H3->H5 Migration Postgres problemsFeedbackBug1. LowHorde Baseskhorde (at) smail (dot) inf (dot) fh-bonn-rhein-sieg (dot) de 09/26/1310/07/1310/07/13  
12740Implement API for non-RPC friendly API calls.AcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseMichael Slusarz 10/07/1311/23/13   
12909verify_from_addr send email from requester addressUnconfirmedBug1. LowHorde Basegentoouser (at) free (dot) fr 01/08/1401/08/14   
12923Cli for editing conf.phpAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseRalf Lang (B1 Systems GmbH)Ralf Lang (B1 Systems GmbH)01/18/1402/11/1401/18/1401/30/14 
13087Apple touch iconAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde Baseviktor (at) szepe (dot) net 03/29/1403/30/14   
13446Upgrade to Plupload 2.xAssignedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseMichael RubinskyMichael Rubinsky08/16/1408/16/1408/16/14  
13459Query displayed after critical error during loginFeedbackBug1. LowHorde Basedaniel (at) poradnik-webmastera (dot) com 08/21/1408/21/1408/21/14  
13610language problem in menu-bar after successful loginUnconfirmedBug2. MediumHorde Basecheese (at) nosuchhost (dot) net 09/30/1410/06/14   
13907Disable individual guest permissions if globally disabledAcceptedEnhancement1. LowHorde BaseJan Schneider 03/10/1503/13/15